Monday, April 12, 2010

Made me smile :-)

So I have a million pens in my house. Some work. Most probably don't, but I haven't had time to throw them out. While filling out the endless paperwork of adoption, I looked around for a pen that would write nicely and didn't stop the ink flow mid-signature. So I found a pen in the drawer that seemed to fit that criteria. I have kept it with my adoption paperwork so that I didn't lose it, or some other little fingers didn't run away with it.

Picked up that pen today as I moved some of my paperwork around. Know what it said?


It was the pen I got while I was in the hospital having my third child. Now it is being put to work to bring home my next child. Even then, He was preparing the way...


  1. I love that you noticed the pen...and connected that with God...instead of just brushing it God is working :)