Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home School today was...

Geography: Trying to find the City County Building downtown

Science: The Art of Fingerprinting, and Criminal Background Checks. How do the police catch criminals by their fingerprints?

Math: How many quarters do we need to put in the parking meter? How many blocks do we have to walk to get to the City County Building? How much money does it take to do Criminal Background Check and Fingerprinting?

P.E. How fast can we run in the rain through the city to find the building we need to get to?

Bible: Praising God that we got to the fingerprinting office before the 10 elderly people showed up!

Reading: An entire backpack of books that I brought along for entertainment.

All in a day of school my friends! It was a wild adventure of waking my kids up early, heading downtown to try to get there by 8am when the offices opened, walking through the rain with one child in stroller and trying to keep the others out of the road. But, we are criminal cleared and have sent our FBI fingerprints to their destination! Recess for the rest of the day!

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  1. You're an awesome teacher, and those kids are so blessed to be in your school!