Friday, April 16, 2010

Better than birthdays....

So, the last thing we did was mail in our notarized contracts along with a large sum to our adoption agency. Since then we have been waiting for our Adoption Planner (with our Dossier info) to be mailed to us. I was told it would be here Friday by UPS so I have been anxiously waiting. Imagine my sadness when nothing came, all day.

Until...I was playing in the yard with the kids and noticed a box sitting beside our side garage door! Excitement!

Wow - a box? Really, is it that much stuff. Wow - it weighs 5 POUNDS - are you kidding me? How much stuff do we have to do? The answer to that is A LOT - i knew that already. But, 5 pounds worth? Yes!

But I open it up and look at these sweet faces that greet me.

It is worth 5 pounds and excited!


  1. It was such a sweet gift to me to hear the excitement in your voice this morning, dear friend. I only wish you were closer so I could hear it--and see it--in person.

  2. :)
    continually excited for you all!