Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things in the Works

I thought that getting all our paperwork finished and entering the 2nd trimester of our adoption - the waiting stage - would be quiet. Not so true. We have all sorts of things in motion.

We had to file our I600A which is our immigration paperwork so they will let our child into the country. I got our FBI fingerprinting dates in the mail today. We have to be in Nashville on August 20th at 9am. I had hoped that the date would be before school started so we aren't having to work around school. That is the glory of home school though. School can go anywhere. I guess school that day will be in the immigration office in Nashville. Excited to be in Nashville and get to eat at some yummy Ethiopian restaurant - don't have that luxury here in Knoxville.

We are also starting to get into some fund raising activities. I am working on gathering donations for a yard sale, working with some artist to do a design for a fund raising t-shirt, and we will be starting a support raising letter soon which means compiling a list of addressed which will probably put my wedding list to shame!

In the midst of that, we are working on applying for grants in hopes of raising some funds that way.

It is a lot.

Am I complaining - NO WAY! I know the Lord will take care of all this, even if I don't take a single one of these steps to raise funds. He has chosen a child for us and he will get her home, no doubt in my mind. All these steps are just steps, just things on my list and they will get done, eventually.

For now, I have a 2 year old tugging on my arm saying, "More raisins please."

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