Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keep on Moving!!

Wow, this journey is amazing! Our Dossier got approved on June 24th and we were able to get our official numbers on June 25th. Our initial numbers were #75 on the girl list and #45 for siblings. Which really almost blew my head off. When I went to mail our Dossier, I just had the number 75 stuck in my head. I just knew that we were going to be number 75. Crazy...

We will get a call or email every month letting us know our new numbers. I got the call yesterday for July and we have already moved :-) We are now officially #70 for girls and #40 for siblings. Crazy how those numbers can get you so excited but also anxious thinking about how long this wait is going to feel like before we are able to bring our little one/s home.

Yes, I am still, for some reason, really hoping that we get two. I know that the reality is that it will probably be just one as sibling groups that young are very rare. I suppose this just means that we are going to do this again. I just keep feeling like there are 5 kids in this family, so we shall see what the Lord does with that.

In "normal" family life, we are all doing really well. I have had mono and am trying to still recover and gain strength back from that. I am trying to keep our summer slow and relaxing, with not much success. The kids and I are hanging at the pool, playing with friends and eating lots of ice cream :-) I am super excited (especially since I whined on my blog about not getting to go on a 10 year anniversary trip) that next week M and I are going away for 5 days ALL BY OURSELVES! Thanks to some WONDERFUL family who are taking on our three, we are going to get a chance to get away and invest some time in us. I am so excited!

My heart has been in a bit of a funk as we have spent a couple of months now feeling overwhelmed by paperwork and the process of adoption so I am thankful that is past. The Lord has been really sweet to bring back around the real emotions of why we are doing what we are doing. The sweetness of the journey, the longing to bring our baby home, the excitement for my kids to have a new sibling, what it will mean to our family to be trans-racial. God has blessed me so much already and I am thankful. Anxious and impatient :-) but thankful!

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